editorial services

As an editor, my mission is to preserve the author’s voice above all else. I view myself as a collaborative partner, committed to bringing an author’s story to the next level while staying true to their creative vision. Key areas of focus for me are world building, character development, plotting, and enhancing the emotional depth of each story.

Below you will find a list of the most common services available through Lauren Smulski Literary. Though I specialize in fantasy, science fiction, romance, and young adult, I have the skills and expertise to polish any creative project you have in mind, and offer customized services if you require something outside of the list below. Simply drop me a line via my contact page to see how I can help you!

For all full manuscript services, a complimentary two-page sample edit can be provided upon request to ensure a good editor/client fit. Turnaround times vary by project and requested level of service, but for most full-manuscript services, a timeline of three to four weeks from when I receive your material is standard. In some cases, rush service may be available for an additional fee. Discounts are offered on any two services combined.

I am currently booking in September 2020 and beyond. Contact me today to reserve your spot!


A Manuscript Assessment is a broad-strokes review of your manuscript that provides insights into the overall structure and story. I’ll carefully read through your manuscript and provide an editorial letter that outlines my suggestions for big-picture revisions.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDIT: $0.022 per word

A Developmental Edit digs deeper than a Manuscript Assessment, getting down to the roots of your story, fleshing out characters, plot, pacing, world building, and continuity. I’ll provide you with both an editorial letter that addresses big-picture issues as well as notes throughout the document itself (using track changes), suggesting improvements and fixes.

LINE EDIT: $0.017 per word

A Line Edit is the most detailed review of your manuscript, involving a line-by-line edit that focuses on diction, flow, clarity, continuity, phrasing, repetition, and other issues with regards to style, structure, and voice. This is achieved via a combination of suggested changes to the text and comments in the margins (via track changes).

COPYEDIT: $0.013 per word

A Copyedit addresses errors on a very technical level, to make sure the writing that appears on the page is in accordance with industry standards (i.e., The Chicago Manual of Style). This type of edit will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors as well as ensure consistency throughout your manuscript. This is achieved via a combination of suggested changes to the text and comments in the margins (via track changes).

CUSTOM WORK: Rates vary by project

Have a project other than a manuscript that needs editing? Or perhaps you only want help with a few trouble chapters or need a final proofread before you send your book out into the world? Whatever it may be, I’m eager to work with you to determine the right level of service for your project. See below for a sample list of additional services I offer, and contact me today for a custom quote!

  • Query packaging (polishing/critiquing query letter & sample chapters)
  • World building bible brainstorming/consultation
  • Plot outlining/book doctoring
  • Editing and proofreading of author newsletters, websites, and other content
  • Author website content consultation
  • Skype consultations to discuss trends, comps, positioning, pitching, etc.
  • Americanization of translated works and/or works previously published in the British Commonwealth
  • Blurb copywriting